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Studio Intério offers advanced interior advice for new housing as well as for renovation. We do furniture lay-out, colour schemes, space analysis and planning, specification of materials, lighting, fabrics, furniture, cabinet design and selection of art and accessories. We generate floor plans and sketches as required, even for specific components. We offer colour and styling advice and we design living rooms, wellness, bathrooms and kitchens. We work directly with general contractors and sub-contractors as required to see if the projects are done properly. We do our very best to keep you as our client well informed while the work progresses.

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Your taste is our first priority when decorating and restyling your interior. We help you by looking at your home with a new, challenging and lively vision. The process and the preferred budget are up to you. The functionality of space, creating harmony, and good lighting are our central issues.

If you are looking for an inspiring interior, you are at the right place. Studio Intério promises you a dream home!


We have solid business relationships with various architects, furniture manufactures, contractors and interior builders. This guarantees favourable quality and financial benefits. We offer a wide variety of collections from (design) furniture, fabrics and lighting to wall coverings and home décor.


Here an overview of the way we work:

During a home visit we make an inventory of your current house and style and deliberate about your hopes for the future. In case of new housing we would like to hear what your wishes are. (We offer you this first appointment for free without any obligations).

We make a 2D design to give a good insight in the routing, the floor plan, colours, fabrics and materials. This will be presented to you in a second personal appointment in case that we will start working for you.

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After your approval of the 2D design and mood boards, we will create a final draft in 2D. We will also present you a possible design in 3D visual.
Studio Intério will advise you a concrete interpretation of a custom made interior plan. You can think about suitable furniture, accessories, and fixtures in your style preference.

The materials will be shown at home or at various locations and showrooms.

Optionally we can accompany you with the purchase of all furniture, accessories and materials and with the realization of the project. We have solid business relationships with various quality suppliers and we are able to fully coordinate your order.

For many large constructional or renovation projects, a contractor is needed. Studio Intério can guide you through this process as well. We work directly with general contractors and sub-contractors as required to see if projects are done properly. During the entire construction we keep an eye on the time plan and the delivered work. There is no need to worry; Studio Intério ensures you that all your wishes for the interior design will be perfectly managed. A fantastic end result will be delivered.

We work on project basis or on hourly rate depending on the project.


Studio Intério is an extraordinary company that offers you the opportunity to completely restyle your home interior. Studio Intério provides advice, from small to large projects, from the first meeting to the final designs. We satisfy our customers and we create interiors which enhance the lives of those who live and work within them!

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