When you have chosen the design that define your preferred design we translate it into a technical drawing. Here we work the entire project in detail, so there are no surprises during execution. The materials, colors and method are described in detail in the specifications, so the executive parties can perform the project in detail.


3D is the final visualization of the 2D design. There are several 3D visualizations possible: 3D can be created using a manual sketch or you can choose a beautiful photorealistic image. With 3D you will get a real-life representation of your home or business. You will have a picture of how something can come out to see.


After the base of the design is made​​ we will focus on the details. What type of fireplace with interior do you prefer? Which material or what kind of furniture style will be combined? If we all have this in perspective, we will make you a detailed design which you can implement.


As soon as you decide which area you will use for what, we will make you a lighting and electrical plan. These are drawings where we show in detail (with symbols) where the terminals should be. If necessary, we can also specify the electricity plan.

2D floor plans and 3D impressions
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