Vocational Roermond

New building school project for VTC teens in the age of 12 t / m 18 years for practice teaching in nursing, operation and cooking. Studio Interio deisgned for this school a layout and styling advice for the restaurant, the entrance, reception area and a conference room. There is also a house layout made ​​for teaching in nursing care with a livingroom, kitchen and several bedrooms. The school and students have been closely involved with the input from design to realization far.

BVO Vloeren Breda

The showroom of GFA Floors Breda has received a total advice color advice and styling advice from Studio Interio. We have also been involved in the delivery of the furniture for the showroom.

Anna van Toor Real estate

Restyling a penthouse at Utrecht at the Oudegracht in the city center as an investment property. Our task was to restyle and advise a completely new design and delivery on time for a turn-key solution.

Shop for men’s clothing in Tilburg

Colour and interior design advice for new men’s clothing store. Especially improvements in the existing lighting and material advice on the counter. The new interior color advice had to match with the exclusivity of the brands that the store carries such as Armani and Moncler.

AFB International

AFB International has a total advice regarding design and layout for the canteen. We provided 2D and 3D visualizations and made ​​a clear realization. We also offered a colour advice and lightplan.

Becx Garage

For the new office we provided consultancy accompanied by comprehensive advice in color, light and materials.


Tennis design for new bar and restaurant renovation.

Comfort Living

The challenge for Comfort Living was a complete advice for the showroom, lighting, colour and styling advice. Matching with the exclusivity of the wellness products in the showroom.

Catering Business at Tilburg

This catering business is a format designed for the case with lighting and color advice.


Riel- Zandeind

Newly built modern farmhouse total advice and implementation for kitchen design, living room, bedrooms, bathrooms and styling after completion.


This detached villa is serving the remodeling for renovation. We supported the living room, bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. There is also a fireplace design made ​​by us and the fire is changed in type. The complete upholstery is provided by us and the overall decor of the living room of furniture, lighting and accessories. We provided 2D and 3D designs, to visualize the living room for our client needs.


Newly built modern farm house full support design and implementation, 2D and 3D and material advice. This advice was for the whole house.


Modern newly built villa. We build a maquette for this project and made a light plan serving home automation. In the basement we designed a pool cafe with home cinema, 2 bathrooms, living room and kitchen. For the living room we made 2 fireplace designs, furniture customization and project guidance to the contractor. Furthermore we offered supervision interior construction and custom made designs where necessary.


New construction penthouse; we made lay-out designs​​, 2D & 3D visualizations, lighting and switching plan, kitchen design, bathroom, living room, sportroom and bedrooms. Material advice on flooring, wall finishing, color advice and general furnishing advice.


The realization of transformation of a farm house at Mildert. We realized the renovation and made several classification designs for this property which is complemented by a color advice.


The family situation of this new villa consists of parents with young children. To design the newly built villa which had to be first of all child-friendly. We fully recommend and made several sketches for the bathrooms, the kitchen, the living room, fireplace and children’s corner. We delivered a total advice regarding lay-out, furnishings, lighting and color scheme for the entire interior.


This was a detached house company, which is completely renovated and equipped with an extension. The client is advised with a color advice, lighting consulting and design for the fireplace, kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedrooms including the styling of the nursery.


Detached villa renovation & designing for the living room, hall and fireplace. The project consisted of designing in 2D and 3D visualizations. Escort for the contractor, delivery of fire, upholstery, furniture, lighting and accessories for turn-key delivery.


Our services in this project (classic detached house) consisted of an accompaniment of an extension of the kitchen, guidance material and color advice. We made several designs for the livingroom and fireplace.


Studio Intério designed for renovation of this classic detached farmhouse the living room and work room for home office. We supplied a color advice and guidance material.


The new villa in Susteren has a living area of 600m2 and a business area of ​​200m2. Studio Intério designed for the interior plan for this newly built villa comprehensive advice for the

  • kitchen
  • bathroom
  • nursery
  • bedroom
  • kitchen
  • living room
  • and library at home

. The layout of the office building by Studio Intério offered for a total classification opinion with color advice, lighting and material support.


The city villa at Oirschot is a 30-years house. For this city villa, we made several designs for custom made furniture for the attic. This was a custom made wardrobe and loft finish for the floors, walls and laundry room. We integrated our designs for the furniture customization.


For this type of farmhouse, we developed a color and furnishing advice. Studio Intério delivered the also the upholstery.


For this customer we made several interior plans for the livingroom combined with a color advice and guidance material supported this.


We advised this big renovation project for this monumental building from 1770. The entire house we redecorated and styled with a renovation advice and furniture for the children bedroom, livingroom.. There is also a walk-in closet supplied a lighting and interior design for the living room and the bedroom.


This detached new villa is equipped with a comprehensive advice for living room, bathroom, bedroom and kitchen. The rooms are well furnished and styled.


Renovation of the livingroom in this classic villa at Huizen. Art advice and delivery was integrated in the livingroom design, combined with a color advice.. The new classic design of the total furniture is well supplied by us.


For this detached house, we advised an interior design in a classic English style. We also gave support for the renovation of the living room and fireplace with several designs.

Attic Renovation various assignments

Attic converted several times to bedrooms with dressingrooms and several number of bathroom designs.


For this modern detached villa we made interior designs for the living room and the kitchen.


The client wanted a complete consultancy in interior design for two bathrooms, kitchen and living room.


Several monumental farms and houses were advised in the renovation process on layout and material advice and guidance with regard to construction.


Detached villa with a color and interior design by Studio Intério.


Newly built bungalow at Goirle by Studio Intério. advised a complete lighting, interior design and color advice.


For a luxury penthouse at Nonnenveld Breda, Studio Interio delivered a completely new interior. Layout and materials supplied for the bathroom renovation, contractor support project implementation, living room, bedroom and office design, implementation and delivery of all necessary interior materials such as upholstery, furniture, living room and bedroom furniture, lighting and accessory.


This project involved the construction of a detached 2-1 advising on classification of the whole house and fireplace integrate the customized advice. Color and lighting plan and execution and delivery was hereby apply.


The farm at Lieshout is recommended for a split to make two separate units from one large long farmhouse. The consultation consisted of a complete furnishing advice with lighting and color advice and implementation of materials.


Living room renovation in two-under-one-roof house at Tilburg. We offered a complete advice with a design for the layout and lighting, supplemented by a color and styling advice.


Corner house whose development the benefit of living increase supported by Studio Interio. We have also given a comprehensive advice for the new kitchen design. For the living room decor we made ​​several different designs in 2D and 3D.


The house at Halsteren is fully advised serving a light design with appropriate fixtures.


This new starter home at Goirle has a complete living advice for the layout and material support and implementation of the furniture.


We have recommended this corner house in modifying from a classic into a modern interior. This task consisted of a total recommendation of a new refurnishment.


Supported for this rural two-under-one-roof, we advised a home garden design and landscaping. For the interior, we have provided comprehensive advice for living room, kitchen, attic, bedroom, walk-in closet, and a design for the fireplace. We have also supported the project and the delivery of the furniture supported.
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